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Install a 32Kw solar power system at the HVM hospital

2018/19. Current Project. A 3 man team from NZ plus a electrical engineer from Belgium are planning to install a 24Kw solar power system at the HVM hospital later this year. The project is being jointly coordinated and financed by FOMT (UK) and FOMT (NZ). Batteries and solar panels have been provided by FOMT (UK) with all electrical componentry and controllers from FOMT (NZ). This is an ambious project highlighting the opportunity for such projects when a joint venture between the UK and NZ is undertaken.

This project is extremely timely given the major issues currently being experienced resulting from major damaged caused during lightening and heavy rains during the last wet season in Mandritsara. On completion it is expected that the system will provide added security and quality of mains power at a heavily reduced cost. It is expected that power cost saving will be at least 70%, which will allow the saved funds to be channelled into other mission works. The improved quality of power is also likely to reduce electronic failures due to the exposure of electronic devices being exposed to high peak and surges from Jirama (National Electricity Supply Authority) and backup diesel generation.

Last but not least, the Madagascar Government through Jirama have recently installed a 20Megawatt 78008 solar system on 38 hectares of land close to Antanarivo as a commitment to reducing the counties dependency on fossil fuel in an effort to reducing “Greenhouse” emissions.

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