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Good News Radio station and EBN school

2016. A small team this time consisting of just 2 men.

The object this time was to build and install a solar power system designed in New Zealand with solar panels from China and back up batteries from South Africa to run the Good News Radio station and EBN school as the local town supply of electricity was very unreliable.

This project was completed in just under 3 weeks. The control gear and the batteries were installed inside a shipping container and the solar panels were installed on the container roof and the radio station roof.

The radio station can now broadcast 24/7 and the school can now have fans going to keep the heat down and also use


The work involved some of the men from the hospital maintenance staff once again which they really enjoyed being part of the team. Their work this time was more of the manual labour type but very necessary as the 2 of us would not have been able to do it by ourselves.

Another job well done.

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