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School building program

2009. A team of 4 Kiwi men went to Mandritsara, Madagascar on a school building program. The main object of the work to be done was to put a roof over the existing classrooms. This building had a flat roof, leaked during heavy rain and the classrooms were very hot in the wet season. The work was carried out over five weeks. During this time other small projects were bought to our attention to be done.

1. Windows and doors to be replaced for some of the hospital staff houses and the local church.

2. The radio station needed to be moved from the hospital to the EBN school site in the township, which was 3K away. This was to give the radio station better coverage to the out laying villages.

3. As part of the radio station move a 10 metre steel radio tower was built and moved from the hospital and erected at the new site

This project, building of the roof over the classrooms and the extra jobs were all accomplished within the 5 week time slot. We also got help from the hospital maintenance staff men. The opportunity to work with these men allowed the team to passed on their skills as they would benefit greatly for future work.